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Hello! I'm Jarrad Nicoll, your expert in all things digital. With over 8 years of experience in graphic design, web development & digital marketing, I specialise in crafting visually stunning and highly functional online experiences for established businesses. Whether you're looking to optimize your current website, enhance your branding, or expand your digital footprint, I'm here to help.
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Logo Design, Web Design
Web Design
Logo Design
Logo Design
Logo Design
Logo Design
Branding, Digital Marketing, Logo Design, Web Design
Branding, Digital Marketing, Logo Design, Web Design
I am always updating my work, however to get the latest examples feel free to contact me below to see my most recent and non-public work examples.

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As you may know by now, I'm Jarrad Nicoll, I am based on the Gold Coast, Australia. With over eight years of experience combining graphic design, web development, and digital marketing, I've crafted my career around creating innovative and effective solutions that drive business growth.

I hold a Bachelor of Digital Media from Griffith University, where I double-majored in Graphic and Digital Design. Over the years, I've developed a robust skill set that allows me to offer a multidisciplinary approach to digital challenges. Whether it's designing visually compelling interfaces or devising strategic marketing campaigns, my goal is to create experiences that resonate with audiences and yield tangible results.

But beyond my professional endeavors, I am a proud dad and a loving husband, deeply invested in the joys and challenges of family life. I spent two invaluable years as a stay-at-home dad with my young son, Oscar, an experience that taught me patience, flexibility, and the importance of time management—skills that have greatly benefitted my professional life as well.

As a dedicated football (soccer) enthusiast, I channel my competitive spirit and strategic thinking into both weekly 5-a-side matches and my digital marketing campaigns, highlighting the importance of teamwork in all arenas of life. Beyond sports, I'm an avid reader with a keen interest in psychology, wellness and entrepreneurship, currently exploring concepts from "Flow" by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to enhance both personal and professional productivity and happiness. My family ties also take me regularly to Turkey, where I connect with my wife's heritage and improve my Turkish, enriching my ability to engage with a diverse range of clients and colleagues.

Whether I'm designing a new website, leading a marketing campaign, or spending time with my family, my life is about more than just meeting goals; it's about continuous learning and improvement, and embracing each day with enthusiasm and resilience.
Explore my site to see how I've transformed challenges into success stories and let's connect to discuss how we can elevate your business together. Contact me below and request to see some more of my recent work.


Bachelor of Digital Media (Double Major in Graphic & Digital Design)
Griffith University - Gold Coast, Australia - 2018
Certificate of UX Design
Google via Coursera - Mountain View, California - 2024


Small + Mighty Group
Remote | Brisbane, Australia | 2023 - Present
At Small + Mighty Group, I hold a multifaceted role that integrates extensive digital marketing and design responsibilities. I manage and optimize Google Tag Management, Google Analytics, and Google Ads to enhance online marketing strategies and website performance. My web development duties are complemented by comprehensive branding tasks, including logo design and the creation of brand guides. Additionally, I produce a variety of graphic design materials, such as eBooks and illustrations for course kits, ensuring a consistent and engaging visual identity across all platforms. This role demands a high level of precision and versatility, leveraging my full range of skills in both analytics and creative design.
Research Retold
Remote | Leeds, United Kingdom | 2023 - Present
At Research Retold, I had the opportunity to work with prestigious UK institutions like Queen Mary University of London, University of Leeds, and University of Sheffield, bringing complex research narratives to life through digital and print media. My role encompassed a wide array of graphic design tasks including the creation of logos, comprehensive branding, and the layout of eBooks, brochures, and interactive guides. This position not only honed my attention to detail but also enhanced my remote collaboration skills, navigating significant time differences to ensure seamless project execution.
True Green® Hosting (formerly LYF Solutions)
Remote | Melbourne, Australia | 2023 - Present
At LYF Solutions, I was tasked with designing WordPress websites tailored to a diverse client base, including home building companies and designer bag ecommerce brands. Alongside web development, I handled a broad range of graphic design projects. My responsibilities encompassed the creation of eBooks, digital brochures, and t-shirt designs, as well as additional marketing materials. This role allowed me to apply a versatile skill set in both digital and print media to effectively meet the dynamic needs of our clients.
Commercial Kitchen Company
Hybrid | Brisbane, Australia | 2021 - Present
In my contractor role at Commercial Kitchen Company, I manage all graphic design and web needs, enhancing the company's digital presence. I oversee Google Ads and social media strategies, significantly boosting online engagement. I recently spearheaded the development of the latest website, improving functionality and user experience. Additionally, I create diverse marketing materials including brochures, in-store graphics, and print designs, ensuring a consistent and appealing visual identity across all platforms. This strategic approach supports the brand’s presence and aligns marketing with internal communications.
Commercial Kitchen Company
Full-Time In-House | Gold Coast, Australia | 2016 - 2021
At Commercial Kitchen Company, I held a pivotal role in managing all graphic design and web needs, significantly enhancing the company's digital footprint. I spearheaded the development and ongoing management of a dynamic web presence, orchestrating comprehensive digital advertising campaigns and robust social media strategies to increase engagement and consumer outreach. My responsibilities also extended to the creation of a wide array of print and digital materials, including brochures, in-store graphics, and various print designs, as well as meticulous internal documents. By ensuring a cohesive and engaging visual identity across both digital and print platforms, I played a critical role in reinforcing the brand’s presence in the market. This strategic alignment of visual communications greatly contributed to a unified brand experience, bolstering the company’s marketing efforts and internal cohesion.
Gold Coast Junior Chamber of Commerce
Graphic Design Sponsor | Gold Coast, Australia | 2018
As a sponsor of the Gold Coast Junior Chamber of Commerce, I led the development of engaging email marketing campaigns and crafted compelling social media imagery, alongside other promotional materials. My efforts were focused on effectively promoting a range of upcoming events, significantly boosting event visibility and participation.
Internship | Gold Coast, Australia | 2018
During a six-month internship at CrowdFunding.com.au, I was tasked with the creative design of logos and print layouts, including brochures and pull-up banners, which enhanced the visual communication and marketing efforts of the platform. Additionally, I spearheaded a comprehensive rebranding initiative for a large social media community, overseeing the transformation of its brand identity to better engage and expand its audience base.
Internship | Gold Coast, Australia | 2018
During a six-month internship at DomainBoutique.com.au/Mining.com.au, I specialized in the creation of logos and WordPress websites specifically designed for parked domains, significantly enhancing their online presence and visual appeal. A highlight of my tenure was leading the development and launch of the initial version of Mining.com.au, establishing a robust platform that laid the groundwork for its future expansion

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